Cafe Church

During the Coronovirus Pandemic, Covid19, the meeting at St Johns Victoria Hall was suspended during 2020 and the start of 2021. But we are now open again on Sunday morning at 10.30am and Wednesday morning at 10.30am

Until February 2020 we enjoyed gathering on Sunday mornings at 10am, when we enjoyed a full breakfast together when we had chat and talk about the things that have happened in the week. We then cleared the table and got out Bibles out, and there was an introduction talk about something important, followed by a wide ranging discussion. It is amazing how we are able to share common thoughts and inspirations. Finally we prayed for each other, and asked Jesus to guide and assist in our life situations.

During Lockdown we developed a great meeting time using the Zoom virtual meeting system, We don’t have breakfast together, but we are able to have a chat, sing along at home to a selected Christian song on YouTube, read a Bible passage shared on screen, and have a great time of discussion. Finally we join in prayer about all the things on our minds.

Now that we are open again on Sundays we do try to keep social distancing, but we still enjoy the time together for tea/coffee and toast before we discuss a passage selected from the Bible.  If you would like to know more please call us on 07780 008135 or email us at